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The Professional Doll Makers Art Guild

The Professional Doll Makers Art Guild is a non-profit organization for professional and semi-professional dollmakers. The Guild was founded in 1992 by Jack Johnston along with the first graduating students from The Johnston Artdoll Academy. Their purpose is to assist members of the Guild to achieve in the world of professional doll making. The artists share their knowledge and everything they do, from shows and ideas to advertising. As the Guild functions as a not-for-profit organization, the cost of showing dolls, advertising, and assisting in education is kept very low. As a member of the Guild, you may find the perfect venue to show your sculptures at a fraction of the normal show prices. As no one takes a commission when you sell at the shows the profit is all your own. This unique organization has helped many of the nation’s leading artists to become “Stars”. The Guild is well known by all of the magazine editors, manufacturing companies, and show promoters, thus helping the artists to get top billing and show locations. You may find out more about joining the Guild by calling toll free, 800-949-1334. We are taking new members now.

The Guild’s web-site premiered in 2005

The Guild launched its new website in 2005. All members of the Guild have the opportunity to put their dolls and personal information on this site. The website adds a new dimension to finding collector dolls and one-of-a-kind dollmakers, and it is becoming a very popular site for artdoll collectors and retail shopping. The artists share the cost of the website, making it one of the least expensive doll gallery sites available. The Guild does not make a profit on the website or from the artists, thus keeping the site very affordable for the members. You may find out more about the web site by visiting the website at or by calling 800-949-1334.

When the Guild has a reserve, they place a full-color, two-page ad in the nations doll magazines. The advertisement features some of the artists and their dolls. In 2006, a four-page pullout advertisement was placed in Doll Crafter and Costuming magazine.

The Guild and Trade Shows

The Professional Doll Makers Art Guild has shown its dolls at the International Doll Shows for the past twenty five years. The Guild has had one of the largest exhibits of one-of-a-kind and limited edition dolls. At their largest show, the Guild featured an island booth showcasing 40 artists and over 250 one-of-a-kind dolls.

The PDMAG will show their work at the International Doll Show in Ashville, NC in June of 2014. For more information about this show, email the Guild’s Show Coordinator, Kellie Beckett at Since its founding in 1992, the Guild has taken top honors in the Dolls Award of Excellence competition. The Guild changes its location for its annual meeting each year, but we always arrange to get to the shows that offer professional competition.  Each year many of our artists receive nominations or win the highest awards given at the shows we attend.  You may call 800-949-1334 for more details.

Getting to know these artists personally is a must for retail shops, manufacturers, collectors and fellow artists. For additional information about the Guild’s members and their work, write to Jack Johnston (President and Chairman of the Board of Directors) at, or phone Jack Johnston  at 800-290-9998. We hope to see you at next year’s shows and to welcome you as a member of the Guild. We also welcome corporate sponsors and patrons. Membership in the guild is open to all worthy artists. To become a member, please visit and fill out the online form. You will be required to submit three photographs of your original dolls along with a check for $89 made out to The Professional Doll Makers Art Guild. This fee will pay for your annual membership dues ($60), and your own page on the Guild’s website ($29). Once you are a member you will be able to show your dolls with the guild at major venues across America including the major shows. After the first year, your continuing annual dues are $60 per year, paid yearly in June. You may also attend conventions, workshops and seminars. This non-profit organization is proud of its members and the contributions they make to help the doll making industry and its beginning artists. As an added bonus when you join the Guild, all of your supplies at Johnston Original Artdolls will be discounted by 20%. You will also be able to get some magazine subscriptions at a discount (when available). To become a member, contact our Membership Chairperson, Karen Baker, at 800-949-1334 or write her at

Jack Johnston
1064 Tithing Hill Place, Riverton, Utah 84065 (800) 949-1334

The officers of the Guild

Jack Johnston, President and Chairman of the Board

Karen Baker Membership Chairperson and Secretary/Treasurer

Kellie Beckett, Show Coordinator

Elizabeth Dye, WebMaster
Guild web site,
Toll Free line… 800-949-1334