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We have three ways to help you create amazing ArtDolls. Most products from Jack Johnston can be found in our shop at in our section. We also have many online courses if you prefer to download sculpting videos. And we have a membership site where you pay a small monthly fee and enjoy access to all the sculpting videos by Apryl Jensen and Jack Johnston.


The Shop

Here is where you can find tools, supplies, DVDs, SculptBoxes, ArtDoll Kits and more! Including our favorite, ProSculpt clay created by Jack himself.

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Downloadable eCourses

We have many courses on ArtDolls, Fairies, Babies, Witches, and more that you can download and save to your computer or watch online and get started immediately.

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This is our membership site where you can access all the sculpting instruction videos, articles and more for a low monthly subscription and always have them at your fingertips to watch online by phone, computer, or tablet.


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Get your SculptBoxes, DVDs, Supplies, and Sculpting Kits here.

We have a variety of SculptBoxes and kits that come with most items you need to create your ArtDoll!


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